Wednesday, 16 January 2013

(Open Letter to Cossy Orjiakor:::::Who Shows off all this Body Fat with Pride---> Cossy Orjiakor

Open Letter to Cossy Orjiakor

Dear Cossy,

I really think someone needs to advice you and make you know its not cool to be Yucky on twitter or any social Media and get excited when +Linda Ikeji and other bloggers blogs your Almost nude sometimes horrifying photos. Its enough to see you expose ur Almost falling Mams on events and videos for crying out loud you are not Rihanna,  All this Display is just a show of how low you think of yourself . 

I would strongly advice you to find new ways to get new followers or increase your popularity. This whole almost nude thing you got going on makes you no better that a Cheap Dirty Slot on the streets. 

I believe you will Change and be a better person and set an example for your siblings and young family members who see these pictures and wonder how sane you are.

Sincerely Michael.

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