Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ameachi Still Cry's "RIVERS STATE IS BROKE" Vows to Protect State From Plunders

Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has vowed not to succumb to blackmailers, whose motive is to pressure him allow the plunder of his state.
He spoke to newsmen in Port Harcourt Tuesday in a reaction to criticisms that he was ‘’acting God’’.
Amaechi alleged that there were attempts by ‘’ few individuals’’ to get access to the wealth of the state.
‘’You know, I continue to say to the public the greatest problem we have in Rivers politics is the attempt by few individuals to get access to the wealth of the state. They do not care, they have no conscience; they absolutely do not have the conscience.
‘’ And, within the period that I am Governor, I will not allow people tear the resources of Rivers state. They are setting up themselves here and there now to grab the wealth of the state.

‘’ And, I think, I owe the state a responsibility that within the period that I am Governor, whether they will blackmail me that I am God or not, whether they will blackmail me that I am Idi Amin or not, I will continue to protect the meager resources of this state.
‘’ You people assume that we have resources, we do not have. I have sat down with you people before to say that we do not have money. If we had money, we would have turned this state into a mini London.’’
Amaechi also announced that the state government,in partnership with a German construction firm, LST, Consortium, to construct 1000 low cost housing units for its citizens.
The housing units which will be two bedroom bungalows would be completed in six months time will provide accommodation for low income earners in the state.
The Governor said the housing unit which will be located in the new Greater Port Harcourt City will have facilities such as solar power, sewage, and multi-purpose hall and health centers.
He said the houses will house solar panel, so that the occupants of the house will not have power problem as it will have sewage facilities and water and we are doing everything possible to ensure that each unit of the house does not cost more than N3m each.

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  1. I believe every word he has said, but my sincere suggestion to him is that, rather than make health and education free, he should subsidize those Institutions. Let people pay a little so quality will be delivered, and the state will be able to save some money for the future. Long Live Rivers State! Mr. Richard Masi (ONELGA )