Saturday, 21 June 2014


To the people of Ekiti.

Forget Fayemi, forget Fayose and the others! Forget APC, forget PDP and all the rest! Be selfish for once, think for yourself. The politicians have failed, the elite have come up short. See them fighting like little children, see them throw dirt at and badmouth each other. Makes you wonder, are these ones worthy to lead. Ekiti is overwhelmed by army fatigue and the heavy machinery of war. Who is the enemy and where is the battle. When did ballot become battle and election war?

Everytime I see soldiers during elections, I just know we are still far away from our land of promise. I hate to say that our leaders have lost it! And yes, we are at war! But the weapons of our warfare is not carnal, says the good book. And losers go to ballot with guns and mortar but winners come with open hearts.
This is a war for your well being and that of your children. Can guns put food on your table, or educate your children, or build hospitals, or tar the roads, provide energy? Guns are the tools of the weak. The pen is mightier the sword! Power resides in the mind. Power is in your hands, that piece of paper.

Remember what I said in the beginning, forget them all. What is your dream for Ekiti? What does Ekiti of the future look like in your mind? Choose that.
I leave you this message: "The will of the people has been subverted by corrupt governments for far too long. Now is the time to take back your will, your power. When you step into that pooling center today, it doesn't matter if it is a school or a community center or an old factory, you need to think of it as a church. A cathedral of liberty, people coming together to worship at the holy alter of democracy." And may the good Lord hear your prayers.

Guest Writer : Herbert M Pepple

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